JEAN-DO de France
Born in France in 1965, in south Burgundy, the famous french wines 's country ; i always remember drawing since i grow up, whatever the support !! Then i entered in specialized sign painters's school in Macon, where i went out as graduate in 1984.After army's period, i worked in switzerland as neon advert designer, and came back to france to enter as sign painter in a old workshop est. in 1935 !i stayed for more than 10 years, and decided in 2004 to be my own boss!specialized in freehand lettering, pinstripping , also freehand stripes over vintage motorcycles; and custom airbrush paintings (see our website pictures ). I also paint during custom shows and outdoor meetings, where i do my best by painting in front of owner, and doing it " one shot "with no touch up details, to try to astonish crowd and let them believe it's easy ! ... I'm proud to be one of the three good french pinstrippers, featuring in pinhead lounge list, and hope to be up to it . thank you for your comments and long lines for years ! jean-do now you can see more details on for paint jobs, and "aero jean-do "facebook page about our "paint life" thank you for visiting...
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