Chris (lucky 8) Dortants
Chris (lucky 8) Dortants Hi my name is Chris and I’m from Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Brushin` the paint since 2009 and still learning every day. Always loved the art of pinstriping and everything that breaths kustom kulture but never thought I could learn how to stripe. It was El Cheapo (Belgium) who gave me some good advice, still grateful for that. My wife found me my first pinstripe kit on the world wide web and I was hooked. After a while I started my blog, showing my own artwork and other kustom stuff that keeps me goin`. The tools I prefer to use are a Mack 000 and one shot paint. For lettering I often use Virus brushes and Mack outline brushes. But never scared to use a new brush that I haven`t used before. I also practice with goldleaf, difficult but really awesome to work with. I can`t say I`m influenced by Von Dutch or Ed Roth, like most of the pinstripe artists. Sure, they are great off course but I got influenced by Skratch, El Cheapo, Lucky Lenn, Sonny Boy Mouneu, Mystical and Blaster. Since 2010 I joined some great events in the Netherlands and Belgium. Hell of a way to meet some great artists and people. A kustom kulture event always is a blast and I hope I will get the chance to do as many events as possible in the future. Still practising and trying new things every time I pick up the brush and also learn a lot from other artist. Tips and tricks are always welcome ! If you got some spare time check out my blog, pinhead lounge or facebook. Hope you like my stuff! Keep brushin` the paint ! Greetz, Chris `lucky 8 ` Facebook: Chris Dortants or Lucky 8 Pinstriping


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